How do I transfer files to the virtual server?

You will upload your website files via the Internet protocol (IP) FTP (File transfer Protocol). FTP is a specification for transferring data across the internet for one location to another. FTP is one of the protocols that you will need to use to administer your Virtual server. When you sign up for a virtual server account with us, you will be sent some information about your account's various configurations, among which will be your assigned FTP log-on user ID and Password. You will need to know how to use the FTP so that you can upload your files from your local computer's hard disk to the webspace of your virtual server.

We frequently recommend, and use ourselves, the program WS_FTP. It is available in the LE (limited edition) for free from IP Switch if you point your browser to It is very easy to use. Just download it, unzip it, and then put it in you desired location of your hard drive.

For Macintosh users, Fetch is available for fee from various vendors on the web. Please use search engines such as Yahoo, Infoseek, etc. and download it.